Friday, November 11, 2016

Facts About North Sea Group Investment Banker

By Jason Jones

An investment banker refers to a person who works in financial institutions whose primary job is to raise capital for entities such as the government and companies. If these bankers work in a bank that is involved with raising money for entities, the bank is referred to as investment bank. Other financial experts who may do the same duties as investment bankers work in the corporate finance staff. Any North Sea Group investment banker is highly qualified and experienced to handle any finance related tasks in a company.

A bachelor degree in business administration is a major requirement before one can qualify to work in this field. Besides a degree in business administration, one may also have a degree in finance or any other related course. Most employers prefer employing people with masters degrees even though a bachelor degree is the minimum academic entry requirement.

The job requires bankers to employ mathematical models in predicting potential outcomes. As such, undergraduate programs cover classes in statistics and calculus. Advanced courses cover many concepts, including financial accounting, mergers, and acquisitions. It is important to complete internship before applying for jobs because of the rising competition for jobs in this field.

Internship can be completed in a number of settings, but investment banks are ideal. Responsibilities handled by interns include analysis of portfolios and assets using valuation models. The purpose of the internship is to sharpen the knowledge of the student and to give them an opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry. Most interns who find jobs after the internship period usually use the connections they gain during that period.

It is a requirement to obtain registration with FINRA. Before registration, one may need to pass a certain exam. The necessity to register is usually determined by the job responsibilities one handles. Certification is largely voluntary in this field. CFA certification is one of the major certifications that one can pursue in this field.

The barriers to entry into this field seem to be quite navigable. Most people succeed in this job with only a bachelor degree while other have less than that. One needs to pass certain tests such as Series 79, Series 63, and Series 7 to obtain different securities licenses. The job is highly competitive, but also holds a lot of prestige and comes with a hefty pay. However, one needs to have the numerical skills and be willing to work for several hours in a week.

Graduating from a top-rate university with a good grade increases the chances for earning a chance to step in the door. Besides having the academic qualifications, one needs to be tenacious, persuasive, determined, aggressive, and most importantly have a tireless work ethic. Being extended a job invitation does not mean that one will succeed in the industry.

The first few years of being an investment banker present a lot of challenge to many people. Most people who are not cut out for the job leave for other career plans. Beginners spend most of their time on phones persuading investors to invest. They also spend most of their time pitching investing deals. Unless one has a thick skin, it is easy to drop out.

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