Friday, November 11, 2016

Tips For Getting The Right Custom Trade Show Swag For Your Brand

By Sarah Wright

Going to events and other trade shows always does wonders for a business. Not only does it get a specialized demographic of consumers on your table but you are given the chance to network with people who work in the same industry. There is more assurance that the people who are in the event are likely to look for and want the services that you offer.

Swag done right can be the difference between a productive trade show and one that would not even make a dent in your business. Having a well designed custom trade show swag is guaranteed to keep your brand in the minds of many. And for good reason too, since nothing can be better than a reliable company that gives away cool free stuff.

The term swag is jargon used by business people to refer to things that they give out for free during company events and other promotional shows. This is definitely not money down the drain since it is a form of advertising. Giving something away that stands out and is useful would allow consumers to quickly remember the brand or service.

Just because they are being handed out does not mean they do not require a good amount of thought. What you give out to prospects may be seen as some sort of sampler of the service that your brand dishes out. There is importance in choosing an object that somehow puts your mission and vision in a compact statement. In this case, a freebie.

The object that is meant to be given away needs to show the purpose of the brand, without it being overbearing. Choose something that in a way, represents the solution the company can offer its prospects. This is not as easy as it sounds, which is true to all types of design.

You have the choice of making these objects either practical or unique. Practicality is usually the go to reason for many companies, simply because they are just very useful. There have been countless times you have seen tote bags, mugs, pens, reusable water bottles and so on, in these kinds of events. Strongly consider your demographic and what would be the item they would appreciate the most.

The durability of the item says a lot about the company. Not having long lasting things can say that you are skimping on what you give your possible customers. This may leave a bad impression to prospects. Look for a compromise between price and durability of the item. Swag is often known for being disposable and short lived. These are some adjectives that you would not want your customers to associate you with.

A booth positioned at the back may best work with water jugs since the audience may be more likely to be thirsty by then. If you are positioned near the entrance, a tote bag would be a good choice since it is expected that other companies will also hand some stuff out. At least that way they have a container to put it all in.

Since the whole effort of giving away free stuff is a matter of advertising, try to put in a call to action. This could be a free quote on a service or something with promotional value. One last tip, avoid putting in event specification on the swag, like dates and venues. It is likely that if not everything can be distributed, at this way, you can reuse the ones that have not been given out.

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