Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What Next After The Ban Of Paper Shopping Bags California

By Elizabeth Young

The unregulated use of plastic bags has had a detrimental effect on the planet. This practice has endeared for decades on end. That is despite the vehement warnings by the leading environmentalists about the terrible effects associated with wanton discarding of the bags afterward. Nowadays, shoppers use these commodities for everything possible. In a dramatic shift of events, however, California voted to do away with them. Here is an update on the ban on paper shopping bags California.

As was to be expected, the motion got a lot of stiff opposition. Who else would have opposed such remarkable developments than the manufacturers of these products? Yes, the companies came out guns blazing. They even managed to raise a couple of millions with the sole intention of convincing the voters against their intentions. Hopefully, they failed and reason triumphed.

Most of the opposition to this bill came from the leading manufacturers of the bags. These folks are more concerned about their revenues than they are on the well-being of the planet. The manufacturers spent a lot of money trying to dissuade the masses not to vote for the proactive action. But, the free-spirited nature of Californians triumphed in the end and the merchants of death got the boot.

Celebrations run wild all across the state and in the nation as well. After the results came out and it was official that California would be a no plastic bags zones from there on, environmentalists had reason to pop open the champagne bottles. To them, it was a great victory for the delicate marine life which was suffering immensely from the effects of the pollution caused by the products.

This move is poised to have a pronounced repercussions on the other states. Neighboring states and those far away across the nation have started to reevaluate their hard lying stance on this products. It only takes one domino to crumble and the rest come tumbling down. Soon, it is expected that all the other companies which produce substances which adversely affect the planet are going to get bullied into following suit.

The decision is a sure step in the right direction as far conservation is concerned. Hopefully, in due time the traces of litter found on both the shores of the Pacific and on the interior of the ocean will start dwindling and disappearing. That will be a huge boost to the valiant efforts of the marine experts who have had to bear witness to the genocide of fish and other aqua marine courtesy of the bags.

Anyone who gets nailed still wrapping goods using the banned commodities will be in so much trouble. The law has made it succinct that there will be huge penalties for infringement of this act. The initiative is destined to get the manufacturers to start producing eco-friendly bags to avoid the fines and the sentences. Great news for the future of the beloved rock we call home, surely.

It is now up to the shoppers to go back to the drawing board and rethink their next moves. Seeing to it that the bags they so got used to are no longer available, it is in their best interest to become creative. Many Californians are now opting to make the bags themselves. The Internet is full of fantastic ideas for anyone interested in learning how to make the products at home.

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