Monday, August 7, 2017

Having An Author Visits To Middle Schools

By Angela Lewis

Younger people have more imaginative minds. They have a wide imagination. They can make things possible. They do not only think. Since they believe that they can do anything, they act and demonstrate it. They are not someone who could be easily discouraged and tainted. They are pure at heart.

Each one of them is different. They have cons and pros too. Regardless of their talent, hard work, and ability, as an educator, it is your job to nurture their gifts while taking advantage of their weaknesses. There are various ways and methods to do that. You could teach them all about academics. However, that approach alone will never secure their future. You know reality more than anybody. Knowledge alone would never work in real life. They need wisdom. Expose them to the outside world. Give them various types of learning and experiences. To educate them further about reality, have author visits to middle schools.

Surely, this matter might cause some issues or dents in your budget. However, there are ways to deal with that. Rather than paying them for the visit, offer other advantages. You can help them promote their books in your school. You could even ask them to sell it. Before they could sell their books, they need to rent a place.

They have dreams. Unfortunately, due to their negative experiences, these people forget their dreams. They stop chasing and running for it. By doing so, they stayed in a circle. They keep on repeating the same thing they performed yesterday. Their passion is burning out. Writers are rare creatures.

Because of this, they failed to understand the difference between wrong and right. They know these terms literally however since they have not experienced the outcome of it, they failed to exercise that discipline in the real life. However, by reading various articles and stories, they would understand various feelings. They would know how each feeling would affect others.

It needs thorough assessments and considerations. You might be wondering why you need to go through all of these hassles. That is right. Inviting writers and authors are troublesome. You must check for their schedules. Aside from this, since you do not have the leisure to get a less competent one, you must assess and review their works.

You will also meet various beings too. They bring legends and myth to life. They educate you about human emotions. They tell you about greediness, true love, jealousy, and kindness. Unfortunately, in real life, not everyone is given the chance to face these emotions. Not everyone may encounter such feelings on their real life.

Some stories are located in a different world. Unlike the regular world you know, it contains a different setup. The place, the government, the culture, and even the behavior of the people, they are not the same. They are based on real life, though. Surprisingly, authors have been able to materialize their daily endeavors into wonderful stories.

However, make sure that newbie can give you a golden result. Ask them to promote their books on your school. You can turn it into a business. That would greatly depend on how you would make use of this event. Cause an uproar. Make an impact. Do it for the author and for the students.

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