Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Importance Of Coordination Drawings

By David Miller

The construction industry in the past few years has been through a lot of changes. Some of these changes include robotic total stations, communication systems, software, and computers. With that, there are lots of technologies and organizations that are interested in making it safer, less expensive, and faster to install steel, studs, and anything that requires going into a building structure.

This is the method of ensuring that every building element comes together as outlined and that communicating with the design team, installation, and the owner is highly important. Basically, coordination drawings are used in the entire industry where elements such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are being used. This is the key reason why most companies work one area.

Usually, the coordination needs to be between the fabricator and the engineer. It has to be done properly otherwise excellent installation might be compromised. The scope, budgets, and time lines will determine which route is appropriate. Aside from that, coordinating content is also essential to an efficient installation and must be taken into account to guarantee an excellent result.

Discussing the needs of your project is the best way of ensuring that stakeholders are following the expectations through the process. A good coordination with an architectural expert is also important to the communication and good collaboration. This is critical for professionals to know which parts of a project needs to be coordinated throughout the process.

By gathering such understanding, it will benefit not only the projects you work on but as well as the company as a whole. One of the crucial coordination parts of a certain project that does not basically teach you in school is proper coordinating of a drawing with standards, specs, and codes. In a studio, students will learn to coordinate their own aesthetics, plans, and views but there is a lack of practice with specs and standards.

Drawings and specs alone need proper communication with each other that experts know what they construct. It would be best to gain more practice with how specifications are organized with other components of these drawings. Working through a construction company is a great way of understanding the importance how the drawings and features are connected to each other.

Starting the construction does not stop the coordination. In fact, the contractor will be added to the team. The architect is liable for working with contractors to construct what was outlined in all construction documents. This is the time to handle the specifications and how they are going to communicate with the drawings.

Being able to form a design and construction team is essential to improve communication and organization. An important role that an engineer or architects are working through different items that were not properly organized such as architectural drawings. This process helps a lot of professionals to enhance themselves for the next big projects.

The key goal here is to obtain a coordinated work before bidding comes. This will be helpful in minimizing some changes of orders that could only affect the process and budget. Learn things from others. The sooner the method starts, the more it would benefit you as a professional. Just make sure that before realizing the plans, everything is setup and learned.

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