Saturday, August 5, 2017

What The Denver Commercial Window Cleaning Firms Offer For Your Panes

By Joshua Kennedy

The amount of glass you have in your building was probably one of the main points you liked when you move your business in. The problem with them is they get dirty every day. The wind blows dirt and dust on them and the rain makes a soup out of all of the other debris and sticks to the surface making it hard to see out of. It is time to contact a Denver commercial window cleaning company.

In the Mile High City, you will find any number of companies who will clean your glass panes. Many of them will be a department of a larger janitorial firm. Some will be smaller, one or two person firms that will work on windows only. Getting the best crew, regardless of the type of company is critical to making a comfortable vision for you and your employees.

These companies are important to your building and business because they do the work that must be done to preserve your physical facility. When the dirt on your windows get so bad, the contamination can begin to make the glazing or the substance that holds the glass in the frame, weak and it can crack. This allows, in worst cases, to become loose and the glass can actually fall out.

The first thing one of these firms will do, after calling them, will be to come and inspect your facility. If there is only one floor, they will know they can get our glass clean by standing on the sidewalk, parking lot or dirt outside your building. They may need a ladder to get at all areas of the window if they are higher or larger than normal.

The second, third and, maybe, the fourth floors will need additional equipment to get the window jockeys up close and personal with the glass. This list may include scissor lifts and boom trucks. These will be brought by the cleaning crew if needed. The experts will be trained and certified on all equipment they bring to your site.

For the tall sky scrapper type buildings, gear will be brought for your approval. It should easily attach to the anchors you will already have installed on your roof. If you do not have the appropriate anchoring mechanism, they will have to be installed. This will aloe the professionals to repel down the side of that building, cleaning as they go.

The window kit they will have will be the same one that all window jockeys use. It will contain a bucket, whether hand held or on the belt, along with a wet bar, window knife and several squeegees of varying lengths. The wet bar will be dipped into the solution in the bucket and used to scrub the glass. The knife can be used to remove stuck on material and the glass made wet again.

The thing that makes a lot of people stare at this task is the use of the squeegees. The basic movement is from the top to the bottom and then back to the top again. The experts, who have been doing this a long time, start in an upper corner and ends their one stroke at the opposite lower corner. People appreciate this fluidity in motion and the show that is put on.

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