Thursday, August 3, 2017

You May Need Cleveland Self Storage For All Of Your Old Business Records

By Betty Harris

No matter what the amount of space you have in your commercial building, especially an office structure, there is almost never enough room for all of the old paper records you must keep. These records must be kept for any number of years, depending on their purpose, but they do not have to be kept in that building and under foot. That is the biggest reason to contact and use one of the Cleveland self storage facilities around the city.

You will find quite a number of these businesses in the greater Cleveland area. They are usually located in an industrial area that allows for a large plot of land. This is to accommodate a lot of storage units in several buildings. They will have a fence around the entire property, with a gate to secure the area.

There are several things to think about when looking at renting a space for those records. One of those is to have a room that can be locked against anyone wandering in. Each space will have a door that can be locked, using your own lock. You may also need to establish a system that will allow a few of your employees, such as those working in accounting, to have access as well. Distribute keys to who you need to have this access.

These storage units come in many sizes and you can select just the right one. The smallest will be something on the order of a normal closet. The rest of them can be anywhere from five by five feet to 25 by 150 feet in size. Each one will have a door that can be easily opened, closed and locked by you.

When you start to move your records into your rented space, you can find boxes of all makes, shapes, and sizes in the office. There will be tape for sealing everything up and locks if you need one. Dollies will be available for you to use on the property so your back will not have to pay the price for the work you are doing.

The shelves that you may want in your storage space are not installed when you rent the unit. You can install them fairly easily and many of these locations can have them installed for you at a moderate price. Keeping your boxes of records will sit better on shelves as they will be off of the floor and out of the reach of any insects that may be roaming around.

You can also get a climate controlled unit in many locations. This will create a similar environment, inside, as your office or your home. This temperature can be set to just the right number to keep everything dry enough. This can reduce the moisture level so all papers are readable and not smeared in any way.

No matter what size unit you are renting, you will want to have the shelves that keep everything off of the floor. Vertical storage will help you organize everything, especially if you have many years worth and encompasses many different types of paperwork. You need this type of rental unit because you need to keep these records safe and out of the way but always available for hose unexpected meetings that require the information setting on those shelves.

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