Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Effective Tips To Improve Communication In Your Workplace

By Nancy Sullivan

Sometimes, the challenge of working inside an office environment is dealing with other people who cannot relay their points in a clear and direct manner. Such missteps in communication may be frustrating, though they should not deter you from establishing a better way to bridge gaps in your working relationships with colleagues. When you want to improve the way you communicate with your coworkers, then you must take a look at the helpful details listed below.

The first thing that you need to cross off your list is to understand the proper use and etiquette of communication devices being used within your workplace. From managing office email accounts to operating Avaya San Diego phone units, you should be up to speed with such details. This ensures that you have full awareness of how to relay information via technology.

When speaking candidly with a coworker in person, make sure that there is direct eye contact while you are talking. This indicates that your words are important along with the fact that your attention is directed towards the receiver of your message. People hate it when you talk to them but your line of sight is not fully engaged on them, so do not make this common mistake.

Text based information can sometimes be misconstrued by receivers if the message contained within a memo or email is not properly worded or phrased. To avoid this unfortunate scenario, you must stick to the basic points and be specific with your writing as opposed to being vague. In this fashion, people will surely get the idea and will not jump to any incorrect conclusions.

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving messages or instructions that are ambiguous. Most people cannot even complete their jobs for the day if there is any directive that does not explicitly tell them what they must do. Whenever possible, you must be fully transparent with your words and eliminate any inessential things that are not central to your intended points.

Because people have different beliefs revolving around things like religion, politics, or other social matters, you must be sensitive to the worldviews of others. While it is okay to express your opinion, it is another thing entirely to force your opinions towards others who might not feel the same way as you do. Respecting boundaries should be something you must remember.

While telling the truth is an absolute necessity in any business, there are times when nobody really wants to hear it, particularly if bad news is involved. Employees dread hearing the ugly truth, and as such, you must practice the finer points of delivering truthful statements with an empathetic approach. Softening a hard blow is often required when the situation calls for it.

Active listening is the key to comprehending the most basic statements and ensuring that the speaker does not need to repeat himself. Be engaged during conversations as this will prompt your coworker to respond accordingly and be more specific with their thoughts and expressions. Communication is a two way street, so do your part in making sure that discussions are great.

Conflicts may arise during tense discussions, but such obstacles can be prevented when you know the ways to diffuse problems with communication. Follow the guidelines mentioned here to ensure you achieve the desired results. Above all, learn to be patient and trust that your office mates will follow your lead when it comes to effective communication in the workplace.

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