Friday, December 30, 2016

Discover Keepsakes Like Family History Booklets With Lubbock TX Printing Company

By Lakisha Curtsinger

The things that bind us as a family are our stories. Preserving them is important but it can be a challenge when older relatives pass away. One of the problems is that the size of the project may not be accepted by traditional printers. As a result many people try making booklets on home printers with less than polished results. A Lubbock commercial printing service is able to help with this problem.

The answer is a smaller scale print company that produces small books, brochures, and the like. These companies can print reasonably small quantities (25 or 50) of a family history booklet for distribution to the family and friends, preserving the knowledge for the future.

These booklets can also include family photographs. They are not simply family trees, but an actual story of the family and the values which matter to them, recording the valuable oral history that is so often lost, combined with interesting facts about the family's past, pictures, etc.

Look for a company that knows paper - the best paper to print a booklet might depend on the kind of cover (matte or gloss) you want, the number of photos, and the length of the book. Also, a lot of print companies only become affordable in larger quantities than are reasonable for a family history - starting at several hundred plus - so you need a company that focuses on smaller orders and runs, while still using high quality offset printing.

After all, you want your family history booklet to look good on the shelf or the coffee table, and to be something the entire family can be as proud of as they are of grandfather's medals.

Get your family history booklet printed in time for the next reunion by choosing a Lubbock commercial printing service that understands the needs of individuals and small businesses.

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