Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How To Create A Fruitful Luxury Resort Marketing Strategy

By Anthony Hamilton

The average modern consumer only wants to invest their attention in things that offer value in exchange. As the internet continues to change the way people plan their vacations, there's greater need for resorts to improve their marketing techniques. So how do you adapt your luxury resort marketing strategy to reach out to today's tech-savvy guests?

People using a search engine to look for information are arguably deeper into the buying process than their casually-browsing counterparts. To appeal to such individuals, your best solution would be pay-per-click advertising. Basically, paid search helps capture traffic that may otherwise have gone to sites that rank high on organic results pages. Setting up a PPC campaign will help you land visitors who search for key phrases on which you bid.

Chances are, your resort has already been featured several times in the social media posts of your customers. Because social media platforms allow direct interaction with the audience, they're highly potent and persuasive marketing channels. The campaigns are also more targeted when compared to those on print and broadcast media. To leverage the power of this avenue, regularly post quality content and respond to requests from your followers in a timely manner. This would serve to show guests that you're paying attention to their needs, something that's vital in building relationships with affluent clients.

Basically, multi-channel integration works to enhance your outreach by increasing points of contact with customers. And there are various tools that could help you manage multiple channels efficiently. With such resources, the process of creating and executing cross-channel marketing campaigns will become much easier and cheaper as well.

Because most web users have very brief attention spans, you need to make a good impression within a short time. And the best place to do this would be on your website. Start by conducting an audit that will help you identify popular pages and their less-appealing counterparts as well. The analysis will help you make improvements that will convert more visitors into guests.

More and more customers are now using their mobile devices to make listings. It thus helps to have a website that's easily accessible via different devices. For the most part, optimizing your site for smartphones would involve making your content useable on small screens. Mobile apps are also emerging as a highly effective channel in generating repeat business and reaching out. So be sure to check the worth of such platforms to your resort.

To maximize the performance of your digital marketing strategy, you need to gain a significant presence across a handful of channels. Joining an affiliate network that has a strong focus on hospitality would help you gain an edge over your competitors. Besides informing the public about offers available in your resort, such a platform is well-suited for showcasing your services to prospects. Of course, the affiliate program you join needs to be in alignment with your brand's reputation, identity and processes.

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly complex, especially for luxury resorts. As technology progresses rapidly, it's easy to get left behind while others steal the limelight. The best way to stand out online is to use appropriate techniques to market your entity across different channels.

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