Sunday, February 5, 2017

Why You Need To Appreciate The Close-knit Family

By Patricia West

Everyone family wants to be able to connect with one another, so that they are in a healthy environment. It is important that you can relate well to your kids. You need to earn their respect. You need to have a home where you enjoy one another's company. This is the close-knit family which one has lost over the decades.

Parents who incorporate their children into their lives will find that they will develop a deeper relationship with them. However, it means that they have to work hard on these areas. The family is challenged with a lot of interference from the outside world which makes it difficult to have a deeper connection with the family.

Spending time with the family has become difficult because of the media and technology that are combined into one's life. Parents are no longer at home taking care of kids, attending to their needs. Life has become a lot more stressful. Many parents have challenging careers. This may be something that need to do because it will help provide for their kids.

There are statistics to say that families who don't spend time with one another will not be able to deal with many issues that crop up. Something as simple as eating a meal together has become neglected in this day and age. Children are not even read a bed time stories. Parents are preparing for work, and they have to make sure that their lives are on track.

Over the years, it has become the norm for families to drift apart because of the challenges that they are up against. Parents are tired when they get back from work. They will have something to eat in front of the television. Kids may be busy playing before going to bed, but parents may not be involved in the interaction which is important for the family to connect.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. The way the home is designed also makes a big difference. If this is designed in such a way which is not appropriate for kids, there will be a bad energy in the home. One wants something that is easy to live in and makes you feel relaxed. One wants to feel that this is your own personal space, and that you are not living in a hotel.

This is where you have to start from day one. The problem will begin with communication. Nine out of ten families collapse because of a breakdown in communication. Different styles of communication are involved. Some people are more extroverted. Others will bottle up their emotions. There are more people involved in a family unit, and one needs to watch out for various signs of chaos.

The problem will start when families are not coping, and won't admit it. They may be bottling something up inside, or they will keep on saying that it is only temporary.

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