Saturday, August 13, 2016

African Art Is Rich And Diverse

By Robert Moore

There are many artistic influences in the world. Art influences many aspects of modern life. African art has wide influence. This is because of its amazing creativity. It is inspired by the many rich variables of Africa. Artists from this wonderful continent are associated with great creations. Some have amazing portfolios that are showcased in leading exhibitions around the world.

Man originated from Africa. It is here that he learnt how to smelt iron and bronze. Therefore, the people who were left behind are very creative. The ancient Egyptians and Sudanese built amazing pyramids. The trend of creating wonder and amazement was replicated across Africa. Africans have never ceased to create. Even in the 21st century, there are some of the world's most creative people.

People paint, draw and carve based on their surroundings. This is also the case in Africa. There are many cultural, political, social and cultural influences. This is also reflected in the art. One will see the upbeat nature of life in Africa by looking at creations originating from this beloved continent. Not all artists depend on environmental influences. Some think of foreign or even alien life and proceed to actualize their ideas.

The new Africans are a different class of people. They love and appreciate art. Some of them take time to engage in artistic activity. These are the people who are taking Africa to a completely new level. They have obtained a lot of publicity from the leading news channel. Africa is not only about war, disease and poverty. It is also about raw talent and creativity.

Civilizations co-exist together. There is no civilization that exists as an island. The Africa artistic school of thought has contributed greatly to global thinking. It has also borrowed heavily from European, Asian and American cultures. Therefore, it is holistic in all respects as it represents a global view of art. Africa helps in shaping global creativity. After all, it is one of the biggest continents.

Africa is a wide and diverse continent. Therefore, a lot can be expected from it when it comes to artistic creations. At the north, there is a lot of Arabic influence in relation to things like paintings and pottery. In sub-Saharan Africa, one will find indigenous Africa artistry. This dates back centuries ago. Southern Africa has some of the best artists in the world.

Africa is not short of award winning art. It is the continent that gave the world pyramids, open-heart surgery, geometry and fascinating artistic forms. Up to this day, some types of sculptures, castings and paintings are only found in Africa. Truly, this is a continent of wonder and amazement. Every part of Africa has great wildlife and amazing talent.

The contributions of art to society should be appreciated. People should respect artists. This is due to their powerful creations that help to shape the global school of thought. Life without artists is simply a bleak existence. Artists have portrayed Africa in many beautiful and interesting ways. Ingenious artists have award winning creations. They get their inspiration from a wide range of sources.

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