Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Services Offered By Arborists In Arlington VA

By Jeffrey Alan Stark

Arborists, also known as tree doctors can carry out many tasks to maintain or improve the safety, health and appearance of trees. Although the task of caring for trees appears manual, a lot of knowledge and strategies are required to complete the work to perfection. You can hire arborists in Arlington VA when you need various tree care services.

One of the reasons to hire an arborist is when you need to prune and trim trees. Regular trimming and pruning of trees keeps them healthy. Pruning gets rid of dead and overgrown branches. Decaying branches can harbor fungi and tree diseases. An arborist can prune trees perfectly to prevent the spread of diseases.

You can also hire an arborist to remove stumps from your property. An arborist uses special tools and techniques to remove stumps. He or she may eradicate the stump by grinding it and then eradicate the debris.

Arborists carry out tree inspections too. They may inspect your trees every three years because it is not necessary to inspect them after a short period. Inspections lower the possibilities of sudden disease outbreaks on the trees. An arborist is able to examine the trees and advice you if they pose a risk to your property.

At times, tree trunks break or split. Vehicles may also crash into trees and weaker trees may fall on others and cause damage. Serious damages can ruin the structural integrity of trees, making it unlikely for them to support the weight of branches and limbs above the point of damage. A damaged tree can also die. An arborist can determine the severity of damages and help you do the right thing to rectify the problem.

With the help of an arborist, you can also plant your trees in the best location. If you plant trees close to a building foundation or sewer line, they can damage the building. Before you plant trees, you should check where buried utility lines are located. Trees that are planted in poor locations can threaten surrounding structures and they should be eliminated to prevent property damage.

At times, arborists find it necessary to remove trees in order to make way for new buildings. The procedure of removing large trees close to your property is dangerous. Therefore, a poorly equipped person should not attempt it. Tree doctors know the many different ways to get rid of trees safely.

You can also consult with an arborist in Arlington, VA when planning your landscape. The professional can assist you to select the tree species for the kind of environment it will be planted in. Some of the other things to consider include the amount of direct sunlight the area receives and if the tree will compete with other larger trees in the area for water, food and sunlight. Another factor to consider is whether the area is large enough for the trees. If not, the arborist will consider the amount of pruning required to train the tree to be the shape and size you want.

Arborists can also maintain the beauty of your trees. The fee charged by the professionals is an investment, which will make you proud. Healthy trees that look attractive will raise the value of your property. Whoever looks at your landscape will notice that you have put a lot of care into it.

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