Sunday, September 18, 2016

Flagpoles And Solar Powered Lightings

By John Kelly

Solar energy is derived from the sun's radiation. The sun is a powerful energy source. Did you know that the energy that it provides to the Earth for one hour, could meet the global energy needs for one year? We are able to harness only 0.001 percent of that energy.

The energetical potential of solar energy is great, by nowadays calculations, it's approximately 1,57*10^18 Watt peak a year. The science that studies the methods of collecting and transformation of solar energy to another kind of energy is solar energetic.

The basis of such generators of heat energy is a plane solar collector that allows transforming solar energy into the energy of heat with a temperature of 160-180 F. It looks like a metallic frame with special pipes or it's a plane box-like device that let pass the air, water or special liquids. This collector is put into heat isolation cover, with the exception of it's working part that is subjected to the sun rays.

There are several priorities of transformation and usage of solar energy. The first one is a transformation of solar energy into heat and using it for heating buildings, air conditioning, heating or distillation of water.

And again, solar energy can be used for diverse purposes. Recently new technology has given us solar powered flagpole lightings. These lightings have proved to be the best solutions for flagpoles. Solar panel manufacturers are now playing a key role in the solar power industry.

However, there is a barrage of cheap solar powered flagpole lightings being imported and sold, that do not comply with the flag statute. This is bad for a number of reasons. Imported stuff is cheaply made and more importantly, the designs, materials, colors, and methods do not compare well with the better quality, longer-lasting, and correctly designed flagpole lightings made by American manufacturers. The Flag Company Inc specialized in flags and flagpole lightings offered a special edition of solar powered flagpole lightings to provide innovative solutions for individual projects.

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