Saturday, September 24, 2016

Locating Denver Pool Table Refelting

By Deborah Nelson

Pool is a popular sport and is played in thousands of bars, clubs and homes all over the world. Over a period of time the surface or felt tables will suffer wear and it may be ripped or damaged. When the playing surface is badly damaged you will be looking for denver pool table refelting and there some very important things to be considered beforehand.

You will find contact details for businesses in your local phone directory and you can find adverts around the neighborhood. Browsing the web can also produce some good results and there are a lot of companies that advertise online. It is useful to make a careful note of the measurements of your table before you call a company so that they can calculate the correct price for the work.

Applying new cloth to pool tables is a specialized job and should only be done by experienced and trained technicians. There are firms that are able supply a qualified fitter who will visit your property and fit a new cloth. The price will vary depending on the grade of cloth that is fitted and the size of your table and it is advisable to obtain a few quotes so that price comparisons can be made.

After selecting a suitable firm they will send one of their technicians to your premises to assess the job and decide what work is needed. There may be much more work involved than simply replacing the cloth and they will check this prior to starting work. If additional work needs to be carried out they will explain what needs doing and the reasons why.

The first job the contractors will do is take off the old or damaged felt properly. The six pockets and cushions will then be removed, inspected and set aside. The slate base of the table will need to be properly cleaned and examined for any chips or dents. Any imperfections can be repaired by using a specialist putty or wax resin.

You are given a couple of options when selecting a new felt and these are either club grade which is very hard wearing or the thinner felt that the professional players use. It will be cut the correct size and stretched to get an even finish. When the glues are dry, the six pockets and underside can be secured with metal pins or staples. The rails are then covered with the new felt, attached and leveled to make sure they are true.

When the recovering job is complete the final thing to do is check to make sure everything is level and in line. Using a spirit level and shims will ensure that everything is level and that the balls do not roll off course. Some markings will then be added to the cloth with a special marker pen and the work is complete.

Any sports equipment that is used often should be inspected and kept in good working order. The felt covering should be brushed at least once per day and any chalk and other foreign bodies should be removed. If the cloth tears, or gets damaged, it should be replaced before the equipment is used again.

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