Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ideas For Effective Termite Control PA

By Virginia Anderson

As a property owner, it is vital to ensure that your property is free from termites because they consume cellulose. The most common termites that cause damage to the wood in buildings are the subterranean termites. You can know that your property is infested by termites when you see damage, their droppings and when the swarmers appear. In order to prevent damage, you should opt for professional pest control services. By using the services of experts who specialize in termite control PA dwellers can eliminate the pests effectively.

Termites can be controlled effectively if bait stations that have a slow acting poison are installed. Worker termites will visit the bait stations and eat the poison. They will then carry it with them back to their colonies. When the baits are consumed by the other termites, multiple generations will die, but the process will take some time.

Another way to control termites is applying borate solution. This should be performed by pest control experts. They apply the borate solution on different parts of a building such as piers, exterior walls and wood studs. This provides a long lasting protection from termites. When the borate solution is fully absorbed and the wood dries up, the termites will not be able to eat the wood. The borate solution will also keep them from making their way into untreated areas.

The other method that can be used to get rid of active termite colonies is whole structure heat treatments. Extreme cold or heat can be effectively used to control localized dry wood termites such as the ones present in furniture. Electronic and microwave treatments can also control localized dry wood termites effectively. Nevertheless, these treatments cannot control future infestations.

Apart from utilizing non toxic methods such as heat, cold and electronic treatments, there are other organic methods that can be used to control termites. These methods include using boric acid, orange oil and bringing organisms that eat or kill termites like fungi. The downside to using organic treatments is that their effectiveness is limited. Property owners who want to use organic methods should discuss this matter with a pest control expert to get further advice.

It is also wise to implement termite prevention methods. Ideally, these methods should be implemented when a building is being constructed. One of them is treating the vulnerable areas of a building such as wood framing, walls, doors and window casings. It is also important to pre treat the soil where the property will be built on. The advantage of pre treating the area where a house will be built is that the protection lasts for many years against the pests.

You can also prevent termite infestations by eliminating several food sources. You should get rid of woodpiles that are situated near your house because they can attract termites. Eliminating moisture sources around the house is also essential. You should therefore repair all plumbing and roofing leaks around your home.

When controlling termites, it is also important to perform property inspection annually. You should ensure you do this especially if you live in areas that have subterranean termites. If you hire a professional pest control firm to inspect your property, you can be able to handle the infestation before it gets worse.

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