Thursday, March 9, 2017

Discover The Benefits Of Artificial Turf Florida

By Sandra Powell

Recycled rubber has been used for close to a century. The market for the recycled rubber has increased over the past 20 years. This has been due to the demand for products that are used in agriculture, playgrounds, sports, hospitals, and items used in the home. Another very popular use for recycled rubber is artificial turf Florida residents and business owners purchase.

Tires that once littered the country are recycled to produce a variety of useful products. Fewer worn and damaged tires are found dumped in lakes and rivers. The old rubber is transformed into products that are functional. Millions of scrap tires are reclaimed and used to make numerous useful goods.

The old rubber tires are used in the production of imitation grass, playground surfaces, rubberized asphalt, and new tires. Recycling rubber offers numerous benefits to the environment. For example, when the rubber is recycled, the number of tires found in landfills is reduced. Lakes, rivers, open lots, and roadsides are no longer littered with unwanted tires.

Rather than continue to be litter, every year more than 90 percent of all the tires get recycled and reused. Also, recycling save a very large amount of energy and reduces the greenhouse gas emission. Using reclaimed rubber rather than new material to produce items also reduces the carbon footprint.

There are also many economical benefits to using reclaimed rubber. For example, the process of recycling tires generates over a billion dollars in economic activity each year. In addition, the thousands of jobs available generate millions of dollars in wages and tax revenue.

Reclaimed rubber can be used in creating softer surfaces for school and park playgrounds for a safer place for children to play. The cushioned surfaces aid in the prevention of serious harm to children if they fall. Additionally, the repurposed rubber is used in the production of household goods, hospital flooring, and sports fields. A for with a bit of give is a much welcomed change to hard tile flooring. For folks who are working on their feet all day, this cushioned type of flooring is very appealing.

There are a few things to think about when considering synthetic grass for a worn field or a new landscaping project for the home. You will need to compare the pros and cons of using synthetic opposed to natural sod. There are some important differences that should be taken into consideration. For example, natural sod requires maintenance that can be costly. For many, the upkeep proves to be difficult. For instance, playing fields can be expensive to keep in a condition that will be safe for players.

Synthetic products require only a limited amount of care and maintenance. The care and maintenance is simple and does not require any expertise. The synthetic surfaces will remain in excellent condition for years. There is no fertilizing, mowing, or watering involved in maintenance so resources are conserved. In addition, the synthetic sod extends the playing season into colder temperatures. Also, the hours of play are also extended because there is no need for recovery time.

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