Friday, March 3, 2017

Ways To Get More Fans And Likes On Facebook

By Alex D White

Are you running a business or a profit organisation? You need to have methods that fetch you more fans, likes and followers for your page. With the rising use of Facebook and other social media for promotion and marketing, one has to focus on methods that attract more fans to the updates made on Facebook page.

The popularity of a news feed or update is in direct effect with the fan engagement your page has. One can try to bring back the flare to its page with new posts and updates; this can help you if your fan engagement has stopped for a while.

One of the most powerful methods to get more audience to your business or website is to use the fan page option available to you by Facebook. Before the changes made in the fan page section, there were really very few changes with which one could share their fan page with the people that are not the fan of their brand.

You cannot simply upload content that is same throughout the post made, if your updates give the same feel every time. Chances are higher that your posts shall get ignored by your fans, because of the similar content and they shall move to contents that are comparatively different and more interesting. Therefore you have to look to share your contents in different kinds of forms, making it more interesting, like using graphics media, links, asking for views and so on.

You have the keywords Meta tag option, so in order to ensure that you make it easy for the people from your locality or region to get your page. You have to make sure you get the right set of keywords related to your business and locality and get the page optimized. You can look to add keywords on to your title and web address; this makes it easier for your audience to search you.

The new Facebook provides you with a strip of five photos displayed to every individual that first visits your website. Now this is a very good way of displaying the best of your business by simply putting up the right photos on your Facebook.

Try to make your content interesting, using additional graphics option provided by Facebook itself, you can use the emoticons the latest addition to the Facebook post section. Studies show that simply by adding an emoticon increases the number of likes that you get on a regular basis. Emoticons do help you to express your personality better.

You have to be regular with the sharing of content with your fans. You must also look to share contents that do not relate to the niche of your page, but it relates to you personally. This is a very good way to connect to your audience on a personal level. When you get a fan base, continuous interaction helps you to keep your fans intact to your page.

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