Sunday, May 21, 2017

Learn More About Metal Roofing Calgary

By Marie Green

Generally, when considering to roof your home using metal roofs, it is often important to weigh the benefits and the shortcomings of metallic materials against common materials. Usually, the common metals for the roof are steel and aluminum. Nevertheless, there are other metals such as copper, zinc, and titanium that are used for specialized application. Therefore, you should consider the more desirable option between materials such as asphalt, wood, tiles, and metal roofing Calgary.

Normally, the steel used for residential homes is usually light weight. Initially, steel products are produced as rolls. These rolls are coated using a metallic coat to prevent them from rusting. They are them painted at very high-speed for the coating to be baked. They are then formed into shingles and panels. Nevertheless, aluminum materials are not coated using the metallic coating.

There are various benefits and disadvantages of using metal roofs. First, the metals used are often light weight compared to other materials such as tiles. Because of this, these roofing materials may be used on an existing roof without the need of adding additional structural support. Due to the light weight benefit, fewer supporting members are used.

On the other hand, there is ease and speed when installing these materials. In most cases, these materials usually have multiple wide panel sections. As a result, an experienced contractor is able to do the installation work much faster. Basically, the installation process can be shortened by1-2 days which turns to be a big advantage.

In the case of heat conduction, these metals reflect the radiant heat from the sun thereby minimizing the midday heat. Because of this, energy costs on air conditioning are significantly saved.

Another benefit is that these materials can be recycled making it an ecofriendly roofing material. Actually, most of these metal roofs are from recycled materials and can also be recycled at their live end. Also, they may be installed over existing roof thereby cutting down waste and minimizing the installation time. On the other hand, there is minimal emissions released during production of these material.

Other than the numerous benefits that come with metal roofs in Calgary CA, there are some drawbacks as well. The main drawback of these materials is the initial cost. While the initial cost may seem quite high, you end up saving on the cost over a long period of using the home since metals are usually durable. On the other hand, since these materials have minimal maintenance, you save on the maintenance costs.

Again, these materials have the shortcoming of being noisy more so during a hailstorm or rainstorm. However, while some people may feel the tapping by the rain as pleasing, such tapping is annoying to others because of the drumming effect. However, thin sheets may be even noisier compared to thick slate and tiles. Such noise can, however, be controlled using structural barriers that lowers the drumming effect.

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