Saturday, May 27, 2017

Low Fat Granola For Your Breakfast

By Deborah Richardson

There are many reasons why people chose to eat a low fat diet. There are a range of food options when you want to eat a low fat diet. One of the foods that are popular at the moment is low fat granola. Some people choose to eat a low fat diet for health reason such as higher than average levels of cholesterol. The amount and type of fat contained in the diet will affect the cholesterol levels within the body. There are certain types of fat that can cause the levels of cholesterol in the blood to rise.

The dietary fats can be classified into three different categories which are saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. The saturated fats are the ones that have the ability to raise the cholesterol levels in the blood.

The fats tend to be located in diary product with a high fat content such as butter, whole milk and meat. It is possible to see the saturated fats as these are the ones which are solid when at room temperature. The best examples of this type fats are lard, vegetable shortening and butter.

Granola is a source of healthy food to consume and it is full of nutrients. Although a healthy option it can also be an unhealthy food if you are not carefully about what ingredients it has. Take time to familiarise yourself with the ingredients which you should include in order to have keep this a healthy option.

The ideal thing to do is take time to become familiar with the ingredients which are in good quality granola because this will mean you can avoid all the unnecessary sugar, calories, fats and oils. It is all the unnecessary ingredients which can lead to granola becoming an unhealthy option.

Granola does not need to be unhealthy when you buy it pre-made and there is also the option of making your own. It is possible to make your own granola with the use of just a few simple ingredients. Making your own will mean that you are able to remove the sugar and oil from the ingredients, which will make it a very nutritious choice for breakfast.

When granolas is made in the correct manner one mouthful can contain enough to give all of the fibre, energy, and protein which you require to have a healthy start to the morning. Granola which is packed full of seeds, nuts, oats and dried fruit will supply the body with what it needs for daily requirements. If you chose to make your own then you have the ability to make it low in sugar and calories whilst packing it full of vitamin E and fibre.

When you make your own you could try adding a few pumpkin seeds to the mix and this will give a good source of zinc. Some flax seeds could also be added to the mixture and this will ensure that you get enough Omega three for the day. Omega three is a fatty acid which is an important component of a healthy diet.

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