Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tasty Treats And Kosher Granola

By Kenneth Morris

Jewish dietary laws are complex but this does not distract from the taste of a food long sort after. Kosher granola offers an exciting replacement to any on the go foodstuffs. It is full meal and can be either eaten with milk, on its own or with yogurt.

There are instructions to be adhered to when producing a product of this kind. All these laws are derived from the Oral Torah as well as the Written Torah. The Torah is the Jewish bible and encompasses both these two and many others. A consumer can be assured that when a product is bought such as this either from a direct supplier or supermarket, if it bears a logo or hechsher from a recognised Rabbinical Authority, then it is one hundred percent valid.

Some of these rules include that the production is supervised from start to finish and that no other foreign particles may enter its production. Apart from this, a Mashgiach or person who has passed a test described by the Rabbincial Court, must be on site to supervise and watch over its production. This person or Mashgiach must be fluent in all the dietary laws subscribed by the Jewish Bible or Torah.

The Hebrew equivalent for a Jewish court of Law is known as the Beth Din. Roughly translated it is called a House of Judgement where all Jewish laws are either approved or denied depending on what is written as permissible and not permissible by the Torah or Jewish Bible. This all costs money so when purchasing, a consumer can expect to pay a little more than for its non kosher equivalent.

Granola is a sought after alternative on the go snack and is widely consumed by almost any sport person thinkable. It is lightweight and can be therefore carried easily especially for hikers, bicycle enthusiasts and long distance runners. Since it came into being its fame has spread like wildfire across the globe.

It is really easy to prepare or otherwise if not, can be bought directly from a supermarket. Its chief ingredients are oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit but can also be made with other grains. The choice is entirely up to the individual and the liking of his or her tastes. Apart from this it is a highly sort after product when it comes to kids as it offer a healthy alternative to sweets or candy.

The mixture of nuts and seeds and dried fruit, with butter or oil, are tossed together with honey or maple syrup and then allowed to bake to form a crunchy mass. Because of the honey or maple syrup addition, care must be taken so as not to burn the mixture when baking. Once the final product is ready it can be broken up into crunchy bits and added to practically any meal such as a sprinkled over a smoothie.

Other seeds can be used as said such as sesame, flax and even sunflower or pumpkin seeds. It is all a matter of choice in producing a great finished product. Remember, that when it is bought off the shelf, a valid certificate of approval by the Beth Din must accompany the product. This is usually printed on the wrapper and is denoted by a varying symbols across the globe.

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