Friday, July 21, 2017

About Army Portable Water Treatment Units

By Anna Mitchell

Previously used systems for seawater desalination were complicated to transport, because they were too heavy and not really practical. Limited sources and transportation problems now can be efficiently solved by using new and innovative Army Portable Water Treatment Units. Much lighter and without source limitations, these systems are easier and applicable in different situations.

Mobile purifier units can purify just about any type of source, including the one polluted by chemicals, bacteria and other pollutants. This is highly important not only during military actions, both war and peace related, but also when it comes to emergency responses or similar situations that might occur. This might make a real difference when it comes to supplies and solves many problems that might occur during different operations.

The costs for bottled water are high, and using this innovative filtering system can reduce these costs immensely. Purifying available sources can lower these costs to a minimum. And these minimal costs basically cover the cost of a fuel and the cost of a chemical that are needed for periodical cleaning and disinfection of all included parts, and the chlorine that is added in the final phase of the purification. Considering the prognosis, this could make a great difference.

The method is simple and really efficient. The pump is used for extracting the water from the source, through the first strainer, straight into one collapsible tank made of fabric. These tanks are light, collapsible and easy to transport. The booster pump is then use to force it through the second, 200 micron strainer, toward the UF module. This all happens simultaneously.

The task of the UF module is to filter all kinds of particles, and this includes all types of microorganisms and different bacteria. Additional filtration through RO membrane will finally purify the liquid, producing clean and sanitized one. In the end, everything is additionally chlorinated, and the whole process is really fast and highly efficient.

This innovative purifying system has numerous advantages comparing to other similar fresh-water supplying solutions. Easy transportation is only one of these advantages, but really important one, considering previous experiences. The fact is that it can be easily transported and that it can produce purified water in less than 45 minutes on site, not to mention the fact that almost all available sources can be used.

Bottled water price is rising. Today, it's maybe 5$ a gallon, and this is certainly a great expense when it comes to military issues. There are several purifying systems that can lower these costs, maybe on one fifth, but it cannot be compared with this innovative solution. Using this new technology, the expenses can be lowered to seven cents per gallon, and this really is a significant difference.

New purifying systems will be of a great help during crisis, especially for emergency responses on distant location. Water-supply proved to be the largest issue during such operations, and this will solve this particular issue with minimum costs and highly efficiently. The system is designed to treat brackish water as well, and can even treat the one contaminated with nuclear, chemical or biological warfare agents.

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