Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Useful General Information About Ultra Wash Car Wash

By Patricia Bennett

A carwash is a facility that provides cleaning services for cars. This service is dated back in the early nineties where people were required to push the cars through the cleaning stages. That was way back before automatic cars were invented. The cleaning was done manually by the carwash attendants and as years went by the pulley system was invented. This is what one should be aware about Ultra Wash Car Wash

The pulley systems were of much assistance in the car-cleaning business as they were used in the carrying of water used in cleaning. The mechanized car wash system was introduced in the mid-nineties. This resulted in the development of washing schemes and equipment. The washing equipment were like the roller on demand, wrap around brush, soft cloth friction etcetera.

The inventions helped car cleaning industry a lot. The growth and establishment of the industry throughout the world was established. It was later made to be as a form of business as many people started investing in it. Hand car-cleaning facilities are examples of various types of facilities that exist in the world today. In this type of facility, cars are washed by hand.

Self service facilities are washed by the customers themselves using pressurized jet washing equipment. There is also the bay automated car-cleaning facility that provides automated services that include washing and drying. Tunnel washes are made in such a way the equipment are fixed on the wall of a tunnel that is created. A conveyor is used to transfer the car through the various stages of washing and it comes out clean at the end.

Another example of facility is the chemical car-cleaning which is a waterless system. Here chemicals are used in polishing of the body. This type of means is very environment friendly and more efficient as there no damage of the body paint. The other type is the steam car-wash. As the name suggests there is the utilization of steam which is combined with a detergent in cleaning the cars. The steam is jetted out by the equipment under high pressure making it efficient in cleaning. Little amount of water is utilized hence it is environment friendly.

Mobile car washers are portable facilities that provide cleaning services. An individual can move with them from one place to another. It is vital for one to avoid some automated washing tools such as brushes. Brushes clean vehicles very aggressively and may remove the finish on the auto.

It is also important to paint your car with improved paints that can withstand the cleaning pressure without being damaged. Some may also use harsh detergents that can also damage the finish of a car. A good facility should use clean fresh water with mild cleaning detergents to clean cars. Salty water is also not advisable because it make the car finish to fade.

People who own the facilities need licenses in order operate them. This is for them to uphold the laws and regulations required in the business. Most of these facilities do not care for the environment they are working in. They waste water and energy used in cleaning. They are supposed to know how to recycle the water and energy used to reduce wastage. The waste water also contaminates the soil and water sources.

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