Monday, September 12, 2016

Using Smart Recruiting Techniques For Hiring Big Sky Millennials

By Jose Bell

To keep a company vibrant and healthy, you need a diversity of employees. People from all walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, colors, religions, and ages are looking for work in places where they feel appreciated and accepted. Hiring good individuals who are in their twenties and early thirties is easier when you understand the world as they see it. There are certain recruiting techniques for hiring Big Sky millennials that young people respond well to.

Many older workers remember when there were only three or four network television channels to choose from and, if you wanted to use a telephone, it had to be connected to a jack in the wall. They can still envision the world prior to computer and video games. Millennials were not alive when these things were known as modern technology. Young people have a totally different reality. They can't imagine a world without tablets, smart phones and social media. If you want to get their attention, you will need to use today's technology to do it.

Before they ever come in for an interview, they have most likely formed an opinion about your business based on the information they found online. The company website is the face your business presents to the internet world. If blogs are not kept up to date, and it is obvious you don't regularly add relevant articles and timely information, you are going to be at a disadvantage with your more aggressive competition.

Most potential employees feel more comfortable if they know something about you before they go into an interview. Providing online biographies and photos of key personnel will help with that. Most people are visual and would rather click on a video that describes the company and its objectives than sift through lists.

Potential employees are often advised to explain in detail what they can bring to the company when interviewing for a position. As an employer, you should also be willing to let the individual know how you plan to help them grow in the company and advance their careers. No one wants to start a new job believing there is no future in it.

Offering to show them around the environment they will be working in can be a great idea. If workers seem happy and productive and have pleasant surroundings, the prospective employee will have a more positive reaction to the possibility of employment with your firm. You can point out any benefits that employees enjoy, such as on site day care, flexible hours, and bonuses.

Follow up is important for the company hiring and the individual seeking a position there. If you are interested in a candidate you have interviewed, you should let the person know it. You can engage them on social media sites, email them more information about the company, or just let them know you were impressed with their credentials. Even if you don't end up hiring the individual, you can encourage them with a final message.

In order to become successful and stay that way, companies need to attract the brightest and best individuals available to their team. Using the technology the younger generation uses will make your company seem relevant and enticing to them.

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