Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Simple Checklist To Look For Denver Pool Table Movers

By Edward Harris

When we have come to a certain level of living and affluence we tend to gather some things in our home that are quite out of the ordinary, or reach for common men. One of these items that we acquire can be a pool table. And sometimes when we need to change residences, we will need some qualified movers to take care of our needs. Do read on in this article for a checklist to assist you in your search for the right Denver pool table movers in your area.

Before you decide on any pool table mover that will come into your view, you will need a definite plan of attack in making a right decision. You can make a better decision if you can use a checklist to aid you on the facts that you need to gather. A checklist, though simple, is a powerful management decision tool.

Top of your checklist is to get some referrals to point you in the right direction. You can begin by asking around your neighborhood or you can even ask colleagues and work mates at the office. If this does not turn up anything in your favor, then you can hit the old yellow pages or go online instead and manually look for the right service providers for your needs.

Once you do a search of several movers that may be in your area, try to scan down a few bits of information on each of them from their respective websites. Look especially into the years that they have been in business to roughly estimate their level of experience. Also look out for any information as regards what kind of tables they are used to moving and if this is by specific brand, make or model.

When trying to determine what they really specialize in, see if they are at first recognized movers for big name game table companies. Some big name manufacturers trust only certain movers to transport their tables, whether new or refurbished. These then are the guys for you if they exist in your area and if you can find them.

Usually they will explain on their websites the strategies of moving these big clunky pool tables from one place to another. Look at the strategies that they employ and if they also do assembly and disassembly methods in doing so. With relation to the latter, see if they also do felt refitting or felt repositioning as part of their service or package.

Refitting of felt as an included service should be part of the deal. Most of the time, the felt surface may become loose or flaccid due to the disassembly for the mover. In such a case the mover should be able to readjust the felt to ring it back to prime condition.

Also ask for several quotes from several companies in the area. In this way you of course want to contract the most affordable one. In addition to this, also ask for a verifiable client list that you can use and verify on your own. With this list gauge the level of satisfaction of previous clients by making polite phone calls to them. You of course want the company that has the most happiest past customers than one that does not.

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