Sunday, October 16, 2016

Benefits Of Ipl Treatment Sterling VA Residents Can Get

By Anna Moore

There are many form of cosmetic skin procedures used currently. Among the most popular is one commonly referred to as IPL (or intense pulse light) therapy. Thus is non-invasive procedure in which a pulse of light is used to manage various skin conditions. The demand for this procedure has been growing tremendously in recent times due to its safety profile and effectiveness. If they wish to benefit from ipl treatment sterling VA residents need to understand a number of things beforehand.

The skin conditions that have been successfully managed by this technique are many and varied. Vascular lesions are among the causes of hideous skin appearances. Examples include spider veins and rosy cheeks. When exposed to the pulsed light, their appearance reduces remarkably. Other conditions that may also be managed include skin wrinkles, fine and coarse facial lines, freckles and age marks among others. Photorejuvenation is the use of the technique to achieve a more youthful skin appearance.

The mechanism involved in the working of this method is the same as that observed with laser treatments. The pulsed light is preferentially absorbed by specialized cells in the skin termed chromophores. After absorption, the light energy is converted to heat energy resulting in intentional damage of collagen fibers in the dermis; the epidermis is not affected in this process. The results will become evident as the damage fibers begin to regenerate.

The decision to have this treatment is reached after a discussion involving the patient and their doctor. All the available options should be considered based on their benefits and disadvantages. As one of the precautions that should be taken for an individual preparing to have the treatment, there is a need to minimize or avoid direct exposure to sunlight for the weeks leading up to this procedure.

The therapy is simple and carried out in a straightforward manner. The average time needed for a single session is between 20 and 30 minutes. Protective eye wear is usually needed when one is exposed to the light. The results of the treatment can be seen as soon as the first therapeutic session has ended. Optimal results become evident after about four to six sessions given in about three weeks.

There are several side effects associated with the treatment. Fortunately most of them are mild and resolve within a few hours. The pain that most clients complain of is due to irritation of nerve endings by the heat generated in the process. This pain typically resolves within a few hours without any intervention. Administering a topical anesthetic agent before the procedure helps minimize the discomfort. Other side effects include redness of the skin and soreness.

Aside from managing different skin conditions, this therapy has a number of several other applications. Among them is the removal of unwanted hair. Once the hair strands come into contact with the pulsed light, they fall off and do not grow back in future. Such removal procedure may be necessary in areas such as the legs, the bikini line, the neck and the face among others.

The list of conditions managed by Ipl therapies appears to be increasing by the day. This is attributable to the widespread ongoing research in this area. One of the areas that has created a lot of hope is the use of the therapies in the management of various cancers such as squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.

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