Thursday, October 6, 2016

Examples Of Foods That Are Brain Builders

By Deborah King

The brain is a very important organ in the body. According to scientists, it has remained a mysterious organ whose entire structure and functions are yet to be known. It determines functions such as the ability to read and write, perform well in an exam, remember events and so on. The functions of the brain create the need for brain builders. By taking foods that can help in improving the brain's capacity, one would be able to double one's learning powers.

One of the important foods for the organ is egg. Egg is good for the brain because it is rich is both protein and choline, which can be found in the yolk. Choline is the content in egg that improves one's ability to remember things. Since it is rich, it should be a preferred option to pastries for kids at school. They can be served as Scotch egg, fried egg for breads and egg rolls. It is more delicious when used to prepare salad or tomato sauce for dinner.

Taking whole grains is another step to becoming more intelligent and coordinated. Whole grains will help reduce stress and increase your overall work time without getting tired. When the brain has to work, the glucose from whole grains supplies it with the energy it needs. If you don't like eating them in their natural form, you can make them into pop corns, chips and tortillas.

Anytime you feed on beans or give some to your children, you are making efforts to increase your intellectual abilities. Beans have omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, fiber and energy, which are necessary components of what the nervous system needs. They can be taken in their pure form or combined with snacks for lunch at school or the office.

Consuming avocados can also improve intelligence. Avocados taste creamy and they contain an important antioxidant, Vitamin E. Its abundant supply of Vitamin E means that its consumption can reduce the chances of having Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease is most common form of dementia, which means that sufferers may have issues with memory loss and intellectual activities.

Avocados are not the only sources of Vitamin E in the universe. In fact, by cooking two cups of raw spinach, you can have all that your body needs from Vitamin E for a whole day. Other sources of vitamin E include plant oils such as the olive oil, shrimps, nuts and sunflower seeds. Assuming you are unable to find heat to cook your spinach, you may have to increase the quantity you want to purchase by a multiple of three or more since a cup of raw spinach gives 15% of the body's daily requirement of Vitamin E while its cooked form contains 50% of the element.

You can also increase your memory by taking lots of tomatoes. To enjoy the benefits of tomatoes, it is better to buy the redder ones and also cook them before consumption. Tomatoes have lycopene, antioxidant that destroys cells that can cause dementia.

Pumpkin seeds are also good for improving memory and intelligence. This is because they have zinc which the brain needs for optimal performance. Apart from zinc, pumpkin seeds are also recommended for their magnesium, tryptophan and Vitamin B content.

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