Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Benefits Of Cash Machines In Your Business

By Shirley Ellis

Having a business is one thing, making the customers comfortable is another? There are many things you can do to makes sure that your customers are comfortable. One of them is installing for them cash machines or ATM so that they would not have the hustle of moving from place to place with the cash. The following are the benefits.

There will be a rise in pedestrian circulation this is because a good setup ATM is likely to attract customers to the business. It is beneficial for both your business and your neighbors too especially if they do not have a problem accepting money. It is also an opportunity for those using the ATM to purchase something at your store.

It raises some sales. According to recent research, about 25% of withdrawals are spent in the same store where the machine is located. This will strategically place you at a favorable place where the customers from the ATM purchase commodities from your store.

You see when the people work with money; you are saving some money. If you compare it with the other card option where the bank whose card id brought has to get their discount, it is better to work with money. This is not the case when you have installed the machine in the premise; the customers just have to work with money.

Supplement revenue. When you rent or buy an ATM you get, to set the transaction fee that the customers will be required to pay when using the machine. This fee will directly come to you as you additional revenue source. This gives you an easy time in maintaining of the machine since the amount required will be much less than what you had initially earned. It can furthermore help you source capital to run your business.

Having an ATM in the business will be a great way of retaining customers this is because when they enter your store, there is a probability of them not having cash on hand. Hence they will not have to look for it somewhere because there is already an ATM in the business hence makes them able to conduct their business with a lot of ease. Customers in other circumstances might leave your store to look for the money they need to make a purchase, and this can be a possibility of changing their minds.

It goes without saying that ATMs provide convenience to customers. This is a current trend that many ATMSs have been installed in many places with good foot traffic such as bus stations, supermarkets, malls and so on. This is important for bank customers as they not necessarily have to go to the store.

Serious store owners should be in a position to make it possible for their customers to get places they can get cash from the premises. There are many times a client will have the need and the desire to purchase an item but the money ATM tunnels are in a far off place. Thus, this will make it easy for such people.

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