Monday, April 24, 2017

What The Best Carpet And Area Rug Cleaning Westchester County NY Needs Can Do For You

By Carl Schmidt

You have probably spent a lot of money on your home to make it a comfortable place for you and your family. That includes providing floor coverings, such as carpets and area rugs which make for a warm place to walk and for kids to play. These floor coverings will get dirty every day and that is from all of the airborne material, such as bacteria and germs that come in from outside. You can wipe down the tables and chairs to make them clean, but you then need to contact a company that offers the carpet and area rug cleaning Westchester County NY homeowners use for this purpose.

The number of custodial cleaning companies, in Westchester County NY, might just surprise you. You will find them in newspapers, in the classified section or in the phone book. Other places for them to be listed will be on the Internet, often in review websites or home services websites. Some of them will offer specials if you are using them for the first time.

The germs, pollen, allergens as well as dust and dirt, that has embedded itself into the fibers of the carpets will stay there and be a problem for people who have problems breathing already. When the floors are walked on by grownups or played on by kids, this material can become dislodged and becomes airborne. This allows the flow of air to spread this unhealthy contamination throughout the house.

You usually vacuum your carpets once or twice a week and this should continue, however, the vacuum does not do more than help remove some of the normal dust and dirt on top of the pile. The issue is one of size. The vacuum cleaner, regardless of what type, will only pick up particles of contamination larger than ten microns. The elements that can make people sick are usually between five and seven microns.

The first thing that a crew of experts will do, when they reach your home is to inspect the entire floor are you want to be cleaned. This is to identify two things. The first will be the material used to construct the carpet. The second will be to help determine what kind of cleanser will need to be used, based on the type of contaminants present.

The crew that will come to your home will use one of two systems or methods for cleaning your flooring. One of them is a dry chemical system that is used mainly for the more expensive woolen carpets and rugs. These types of carpets do not do well with a lot of water in or on them. The other system does use more water than these carpets like.

A dry chemical system works by broadcasting an ultra low moisture pellet or bead over the floor. These elements bind with the contaminants to make them large enough for the vacuum to pick them up easily. There are also sanitizing agents contained in them that will help kill live organisms that can then be physically removed from the floor.

The water extraction system is the most popular and used for the vast majority of carpeting in Westchester County NY. It has jets on the bottom of the machine that causes the cleaning solution to be forced deep into the carpet or rug fibers. This dislodges, removes and suspends the particles so a wet vacuum can suck them up quickly.

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