Sunday, April 23, 2017

Why You Need The Best Carpet And Area Rug Cleaning Westchester County NY Firms Offer

By Diane Nelson

There is one thing that really warms your home up and that is the carpets and rugs you have on the floors. They bring color into your home as well as someplace for the kids to play. They also have the tendency to get dirty as people and pets come in and out all day, carrying dirt, germs, allergens and bacteria in and they all get embedded into the fibers. What is needed is a company that offers the best carpet and area rug cleaning Westchester County NY homeowners need when their carpets get dirty.

You will find many of these companies in Westchester County NY. Many of them are listed in newspapers, under home services. You can also find several of them by contacting neighbors, family, and friends. Some of them will offer special prices for using them the first time. You can also get quantity discounts, based on the floor space covered in this material.

When the dust and dirt, as well as all of the allergens, get embedded in the carpets, they will stay there until something disturbs them. This is accomplished by people walking around on it. Also when kids play there, the piles are disturbed, When either of these happens, the contaminants can be dislodged and become airborne. These can then float into other areas of the house.

You can vacuum your carpets and rugs on a regularly scheduled basis, and you should, but you will not get everything that comes into your home because of physics. Most of the dangerous things, such as those germs and bacteria, are smaller than a normal vacuum will pick up. They are designed to suck up things larger than about ten microns in size. The elements that are dangerous to your health are between five and seven microns in size.

The professionals you call to come in and clean when they arrive, will inspect the flooring first. This will help them understand what the carpet is made from. It will also help them know what types of contamination is present. They will then vacuum the flooring to help remove as much of the dirt and dust as possible.

Your crew will use one of two main systems to clean your carpets and rugs. One of these is used primarily for woolen blends or virgin wool carpets. This is a dry chemical method or those rugs that can not accept the use of a lot of water. The other system uses a lot of water.

The dry chemical system uses an ultra low moisture bead that is broadcast over the floor and worked into it by the use of special brooms or rakes. This material bonds with the contaminants and allows them to become larger for a vacuum to pick them up. This chemical also provides disinfectant that kills any live organisms and presents a fresh smell that permeates the room.

The system that is used most of the time is the extraction system. Most call it a water or high volume water extraction system. The machine has jets that force the cleaning solution deep down into the pile as it removes and suspends the particles that need to be removed within the solution. This makes it easy for a wet vacuum to pick it all up for disposal.

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