Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Disadvantages Of Global Mobility Immigration Bay Area

By George Carter

It is important for people to move from one place to another. This is because they are going to learn a lot of so many new things that other people do practice. Global mobility immigration Bay area happens in so many countries that receive a lot of so many visitors. A his occurs almost each and every day because people keep on travelling daily.

There are some challenges which are faced due to this increased movement of people. Some of them may include that it is very easy for people to spread different diseases. There are some diseases which are air borne diseases. They are spread through inhalation of air that has got those virus. When a person coughs or sneezes, the virus are spread in the air. Other people are at a very high risk of being attacked by the disease.

It is also important to note that people can fill the gaps that are there in the market. They may able to share their different skills and come up with a unique product. Different jobs require people who are well educated and have got many years of experience. Experience is key because it will help the people to solve different problems that people may face in their daily lives.

It will also challenge the local people to be very hardworking. This will happen when foreign people start to to be employed in that country. The people who lives in it will feel bad and they will go back to school to attain the required skills. When they become competent, they will be employed in their local industries and make good money out of it.

The foreigners may be employed by the local companies. This will deny the citizens of that country to have an opportunity to work in the company that is in their mother. They will remain unemployed for long until a good person rescues them. This is a challenge that is faced by so many countries.

There will be a mixture of people who work in one company. This will show that the company does not promote ethnicity. The firms should give all the people a chance to work for them. The most important thing is for them to be skilled and have all that the job requires. If a person meets the qualifications, then he or she should be given a priority or chance to work for that industry.

Drugs are very dangerous because they destroy the lives of people. They cannot be able to think in the right way. The people will turn to be of no use to their economy. This is because they will be no longer productive to their economy. This may affect the economy of a country.

Security may also become a threat to the host country. This is because the security agencies do not know the kind of people they are receiving in their country. They are required to be very alert and if they observe anything that is a security threat to them, they should depot them to their countries.

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