Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Live Rent Free Los Angeles CA

By Martha Reynolds

Owning a house is a dream come true for most people. However, the road to get there is filled with lots of bumps. For this reason, many people may put this idea on hold as they save up for the perfect place to stay. They may be tenants for a couple of years till they move out to their own space. They can also look for opportunities to live rent free Los Angeles CA is provided.

Honestly, this idea sounds crazy. Why should a landlord in Los Angeles CA offer such an absurd opportunity? Moreover, the person will make no returns from doing so. When such opportunities arise, it is often a win win for both parties. The terms and conditions of such agreements need to be discussed so that there is no mix up in the future.

To get these opportunities, there are jobs that one should look out for. There are jobs that require employees to wake up early and start their work. Failure to which the work will not be finished in time. Living quite a distance from work could have its challenges. When there is a heavy downpour getting to the office on time will be close to impossible.

A family may need a nanny to stay with them for a couple of months. This happens if they have young children who need lots of care and supervision. Other tasks may be part of the deal. Once the kids are resting and have been well taken care of, the nanny can prepare meals for the rest of the family and make sure that the area is neat.

Some boarding schools employ special advisors who reside in dormitories beside students. There work is to supervise the students and advise them on different issues that they may need help with. Teachers are also likely to get this opportunity especially if they reside far from school. Schools such as universities have lecturers living on campus grounds.

Businesses that offer accommodation opportunities at a price are also a good option. Some of their employees may be lucky enough to get a rent free opportunity. This only happens when they are required at work almost all the time. This often happens to people of higher positions such as managers who have a lot of say when it comes to issues of the company.

Taking care of a house and its belongings when a family is away is also a good job. There may be pets such as dogs or goldfish that need to fed on a regular so that they can be healthy. The homeowner may be away for work purposes and in other cases he may be enjoying time off work on a beach somewhere.

Sharing a home with an elderly person is also an idea one can pursue. An individual can offer to help in exchange for free accommodation. Older people often live alone or far away from their families. One can offer to clean the house, arrange the place and run a couple of errands. Basically one will carry out every task the individual asks for.

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