Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bank Machine Sales Essential Details

By Steven Brown

People sometimes need to get some of their money from the bank that were deposited there because their money on hand is lacking. But banks only have a set schedule when they are open and have limited branches only. There may be no office near you or there is but it is currently closed and you really need the money right now.

This is where ATM, or automated teller machines, comes in to provide a way for those people to withdraw their money. You can buy one from bank machine sales Canada in your establishment which would give you an additional source of income. This would also increase foot traffic in your area and attract customers to your business.

You might be missing of the great opportunity in earning additional income and gaining more sales when you have none installed in your establishment. The reason is that when people need to use an ATM, they must get inside the store which would result in them probably buying something on impulse. The potential sales is not the only way you would earn from this but from the surcharge percentage also.

Your customers have a bigger probability in paying in cash instead of using card when an ATM is placed in your business area. This would reduce also the processing fee that must be paid whenever there is a card transaction. Bad debt, caused by disputes, charge backs and bad checks can be controlled also because it is impossible for cash to bounce.

Options are available when you plan to place a machine in your establishment and one of the options is placing one for free. The bank will manage everything on it including loading it with cash, maintenance and customer service. You would still earn a percentage of the surcharge simply by providing the space and is ideal if you do not have the time in managing it.

If you want more surcharge percentage without owning it still, this can be done by filling it up with your own cash. Your money would automatically be deposited back in the account you have when a customer withdraws from your ATM some money. This method though requires a little bit of your time in filling it up with money bu you will get bigger income potential.

But if you want to own one yourself, you can either lease or buy one from the bank which would depend on your current financial capabilities. When you lease, your surcharge revenue would be used in paying your monthly payments for the machine. In this way, your customers are indirectly paying for your lease instead.

And if possible, you can buy the machine up front by cash, check or card which is better because you do not have any ongoing expenses. This means you will be receiving additional income without worrying about any monthly payments you have to make. You would also have a bigger percentage of the surcharge.

Placing an ATM within your establishment provides numerous benefits. This is a great opportunity that should not be missed. Purchase one from a company that many other establishments have trusted for a long time.

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