Sunday, June 4, 2017

Basic Guides When Looking For Mud Logging Services

By Sarah Hamilton

Mud logging is creating a detailed record and analysis of the rock cuttings and hydrocarbons which the drilling mud has carried to the surface. This helps in determining the presence of gas and oil, mitigate hazards, reduce reservoir uncertainty and optimize drilling efficiency. These valuable information are used by stakeholders and wellsite team.

A mobile laboratory will be placed by the company near their drilling rig, on their drill ship or on deck of their offshore drilling rig. Mud logging services Permian Basin has third part companies that does the work for others. Here are some essential guides when searching in your area for a company which offers this service of logging.

Start looking for companies in your area that offer logging service in the internet then get their contact details. Check the listings in the yellow pages or advertisements in the local newspapers also for those that offer this work. Take note of those you found and start gathering more details on them to help in choosing who to hire.

Ask suggestions from people that you know as they might have employed one for similar reasons previously. You would be receiving information also on the company and how satisfactory their work were for them. If the ones suggested are not yet on the notes then add them to get more details about them as well.

Research the background of the company by knowing the number of years they have been in the business. This would show how experienced and skilled they are in doing their job which might have been improved within the number of years. This would be specially true if their employees have been with them since the start.

Check their license allowing them to operate a business of this kind in your area as well as other states preferably. This includes where their employee have been trained and educated to be qualified and allowing them to do the job. It is important to know their credentials in knowing how knowledgeable they are with these things.

Check if they have an insurance policy covering their employees and their properties used in doing their work. This would be your assurance that you will not become liable to any possible injuries or damages that might happen. Ask if they are offering any warranty as a guarantee of the services they offer to you.

Request for a few references that can be contacted and talked with to ask them questions regarding the provided services by the company. Other companies which have enlisted them are usually these references and their experiences about their deal would be shared to you. Read some online testimonials and reviews to know the opinion that people wrote concerning them and check if complaints have been filed against them.

Inquire on the estimated total cost of their service which is usually calculated depending on the project and how long they would be needed. Check the contract thoroughly before signing it so you could make sure that every important things are written down. Compare all gathered details you have to help in choosing who to hire.

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