Friday, June 9, 2017

For Lawn Maintenance Merritt Island Is The Way To Go

By Larry Burns

A lawn is an area of land that is covered by grass. They are characterized by many aspects, including being composed of grass and occasionally other plants. They are subject to weeds and pests. They are subject to the practices that are aimed at maintaining the green color. This practices include watering. In order to maintain a suitable length it has to be mowed regularly. When in need of lawn maintenance Merritt Island should be the place to give priority.

Lawns are usually used around apartments, offices, houses and commercial buildings. Lawns can also be used on city parks. Therefore, they are usually used for recreational and aesthetic reasons. Depending on the continent and sport, lawns have different names. Other names include turf, field or green spaces and pitch. They have always provided a good relation between the built environment and the natural environment.

They elevate the appearance of a place in fact in many sub urban across different countries one is required to include green spaces in their construction. The law requires that the lawns be kept good conditions. They should be well mowed and cleaned. In medieval times lawns were mostly used for communal grazing of livestock, or were used as a distinct from fields set aside for for agriculture.

In Europe, lawns are a popular feature. The lawns are well maintained because of the favorable climatic conditions. Because of the modern influence, there was the need of care and maintenance of the lawns. Lawns were made different from the pastures. Different methods of maintaining lawns were used prior to the discovery of lawn maintenance tools. Mowers are examples of such tools.

The methods used were labor intensive such as slashing and shearing. The other method used was grazing of livestock. When the grass is grazed for over a period of time they will often remain very low or maintain a tight sward that is the same as modern lawns. Currently with advanced technology things maintaining lawns has become easier and quicker.

The type of grass and climate of the place determines the type of maintenance. For one to start a maintenance practice, one has to have planted the lawn first. The recommended time for planting sod is during the spring and autumn seasons. This is because the soils are warm and air is cool. When planting seeds, which is a simple way of planting grass and thus promoting roots to grow deeper.

Another way of planting grass is by sodding. This method provides an almost instant lawn. It can be done in any season but the only problem is it is very expensive. It is also very vulnerable to drought. The next step is application of fertilizers or chemicals. This is done in order to increase nutrients in the soil so as to make the lawns flourish.

Mowing is normally done after the lawns have grown. Proper equipment should be used to cut lawns at suitable heights. This makes sure that the lawn remains closely cut and smooth. It is advisable to remove dead grass and sweep frequently to make sure that there is no debris, twigs or leaves in the space. Sweepers can be used to perform this task.

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