Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Proper Ways Of Planting Seeds In A Seed Tray

By Laura Ellis

A basic or flat tray can be acquired in a cheaper price when no unnecessary methods to get those planted on your garden or farm. A better way is to have an egg carton which is made of paper to make the planting process easier. To give you some tips on what to do, simply follow the given steps and be sure to remember all of them.

First is to determine the right time to plant them. It should depend on the weather and other factors because the planting process would really vary from seed to seed. You have to consider the right procedures as well as the MNDOT mixes that apply. Check its packaging and read all the information written.

You have to bear in mind that the plants have unique requirements when planting it. It also helps when starting small by having series of varieties. Try anything that can be used indoors when you doing it. The right procedure will also ensure that the seeds will grow well. Find the best choices as a beginner.

Another thing is the light needed for the seedlings to grow really well. Make sure their windows face south to achieve a more sunny vibe. If there is no considerable light, expect it to be really weak and leggy that is not good. If a proper lighting is not possible, invest in having grow lights and timers. It is another way to make sure that abundant light is present.

As part of everything, you should consider the overall goal of doing it. To be able to meet it, timing is required. This means the weather that has to be favorable in the part of the seedlings to be planted. Look at its packet because this will tell when is the right time. Necessary details are given on the packet as well like the months and the procedures in general.

Before you transfer it to your garden, make sure to have the right container by knowing how deep it is and it it has some drainage holes. For DIY experts, recycled paper cups can be used to save some of money of buying the containers. But, you will surely find it convenient to use the intended container for seed starting.

Be sure as well to prepare the potting soil to grow the seedlings properly. Avoid using soil that is already in your garden or those from the houseplants. Choose those that are mixed properly and fresh to make sure that it would be free of diseases. Doing it can save time and effort you exert.

Check the seed packets and determine its depth for planting. Some can be small then you only have to sprinkle it on your garden. Larger seeds need to be buried however. Determine the needed depth, read the given instructions or inquire to some experts. To make the germination fast, you need to cover it with plastic or any wrap that fits the container.

As the plants grow, water it to make the soil moist all the time. The ground will absorb it properly so there are no worries when you do it. Feed those seedlings with fertilizers mixed with what is recommend based on the packaging. These are just few of the many things to put in mind when planning to plants seeds.

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