Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thongs To Do Before Calling Plumbers In Melbourne FL

By Paul Green

Winter comes with its share of problems. For many homes, the cold weather presents many challenges that affect everyday life. For instance, when temperature plunge beyond zero and the water freezes, it could burst your piping, leading to leaks. Hence, if you live in an area that experiences extreme cold, you should prepare yourself for such eventualities. There are various actions you can rake before calling in a professional. The below tips will help you manage a leak as you wait for professional Plumbers in Melbourne FL.

You should turn off the main stock immediately you notice a leak. Turn the knob clockwise until it cannot turn or you cannot feel or hear the water flowing. It is always advised that you know where this gadget is located. The main stock is normally located under the sink or in the airing cupboard. This action will ensure that no more water flows into the cold-water tank.

Drain the tank for the cold water immediately. You should open all outlets, including taps and drainage to drain out the tank. Flush the toilets too as this will speed up the process. Emptying the tank ensures that the amount of water going to unwanted places is cut short. As long as there is no water in the tank.

Ensure that electric connections are safe. Keep wires and switches away from the moisture as this could cause electric shock and injury to people. If the leakage is a lot, then remove the fuse from the man connections and only reconnect it once things are dry. Well, this will leave you without electricity for some time but you will be safe. Moreover, you will have secured your belongings from damage.

Remove any water in the ceiling. If you notice a bulge, hold a container under it and create a small piercing to release the water. This will help contain the damage in only a small area. The ceiling absorbs liquid and if the dampness is let continue, it will spread to the whole ceiling.

Ensure that the power source of the water heater is turned off. If the tank is running, it will draw and give out water to the piping system and extend the leak. Moreover, you will also protect your heater from electric damage should the water come into contact with electricity and cause a shot circuit.

Find the source of the leak. It is important that you try and diagnose the problem before calling a plumber. You can then find a temporary solution as you wait for professional help. If the problem is in the tank, then you can close the ball cock to stop the leak.

Once you have controlled the water, you can then call a professional. An experienced plumber will ask several questions to try and figure out the problem before coming to your place. To make the process easier, you should in turn provide as much information as possible to help them fix the problem faster.

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