Sunday, July 2, 2017

DEET Repellents & Why Mosquito Spraying Long Island Companies Recommend Them

By David Kellan

For those that don't know, DEET is the active ingredient in a number of repellents used to ward off mosquitoes. Not only are DEET repellents able to keep the aforementioned pests at bay, but the fact that they're able to be found in most stores means that you won't be searching for them for long. However, you may be curious to learn more about these products if you haven't used them before. Here are a few details that Long Island mosquito control specialists can share.

When it comes to the solutions that are used to keep mosquitoes at bay, DEET repellents are among the most recommended by organic mosquito control specialists. Not only are these known for keeping said pests away, but a number of insects can be warded off by its application. The most common ingredient of these products is DEET, which is nothing short of potent. Companies along the lines of Alternative Earthcare will say the same.

There are many things to know about the chemical compound known as DEET. First and foremost, it can be used in solutions of multiple forms, including liquids and lotions. Second, it has no toxic effects on human skin, which is important when you consider how DEET works. It's meant to coat the skin, making it difficult for insects to sniff it out. It won't be able to kill such pests, so anyone that plans on being outdoors for extended lengths of time should be wary.

For those that are history buffs, you might be interested to know that DEET isn't exactly a new discovery. As a matter of fact, it was developed by the United States Army back in the late 40s, its main use being a protective tool in areas where insects were prevalent. Civilians would be able to move through said areas with a lessened chance of being bitten. Since then, DEET has been incorporated in solutions that we use to this very day.

When it comes to solutions for keeping mosquitoes away, it's easy to see why DEET repellent is recommend. It came a long way from its time as a military tool, as it can now be purchased at most stores. For those that like to be outside, or are simply curious about preventive measures to take during the warmer months of the year, insects must be accounted for. DEET repellent will keep insects away and the risk of potentially harmful bites low.

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