Monday, July 17, 2017

New York Web Design & The Importance Of 360-Degree Video

By Arthur Williams

New York web design hinges on a number of aspects, some of which stand out more than others. If you want to talk about engaging content, you're going to want to talk about 360-degree video. This form of content has become nothing short of popular as of late, seeing as how it has been able to record everything from sports events to concerts. If you'd like to know why it's important to web design, though, read on.

New York web design companies across the board should use 360-degree video due to its level of immersion. With a standard video camera, you're usually provided with one angle, especially during events like football games and concerts. However, 360-degree video allows viewers to see such events from different angles, potentially resulting in a different experience for every single view. This is just the start to the knowledge that companies such as Avatar New York can provide.

360-degree video has the benefit of being versatile in terms of how it can be used. While you might have seen this type of content used to record concerts, for example, you might not realize that there are other events it can be used to record too. A large company or business can use it in order to create more engaging tutorials, showcasing what they have to offer in ways that they wouldn't have been able to otherwise. This is just one of the ways that 360-degree video can prove its versatility.

The fact that 360-degree video is largely nonlinear should be noted, too. Anyone who has ever played an open-world video game will tell you that it provides an experience unlike any other. Instead of being forced toward one goal, you're given more control, meaning that you can play the game differently than someone else. The same sort of logic applies to 360-degree video, as everyone will interpret it in their own way. This is yet another reason why web designers must focus on this unique type of content in the future.

As technology develops and advances, it's fair to assume that we will see more of what 360-degree video has to offer. If you ask me, we have only scratched the surface of what this type of content can bring to the table. There is ample potential to be here, but the only way that it will be truly realized is by learning its ins and outs. The more that this is done, the more that web design can mature so that it's more effective.

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