Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tips On How To Carry Out MNDOT Mixes

By Helen Cole

Seeds are very vital in sustaining the population. It is thus important to ensure that the condition of the seeds are maintained to keep them of high quality. By keeping them in high quality it will ensure that one can be able to plant the seeds for the next season or transport them to a different region for planting. Here are some tips to note about MNDOT mixes.

Moisture content is the first factor that determines the quality of the seeds. An increase in the moisture content of a seed beyond the required levels tends to make the seed grow. The seed will then grow while in the storage and if it does not get the necessary conditions needed for it to grow and mature, it will rot and thus the quality of the seed is completely damaged.

Humidity is also important. It closely relates to moisture. The humidity tends to alter the moisture content of the seeds. High humidity increases the moisture content conditions of the seeds and will also damage the quality of the seeds. To check on the humidity one can use the necessary humidity testing instrument or even weight the seed. The moisture content tends to alter the seed weight.

Holes in the seeds or partially eaten seeds have a reduced quality as compared to full seeds. With this in mind, it is important to note that pests that eat the seeds tend to affect the quality of the seeds and need to be avoided. Often sun during the seeds will take care of some common pests. It is important to ensure that all pests are removed to prevent them from reproducing.

For many the sun drying means of dealing with pests does not work as efficiently. They should thus also opt to use the alternative method of pesticides which has been noted to yield results. The pesticides not only kill the pests themselves, they also kill the eggs thus preventing them from hatching and feeding on the seeds again.

the seed quality is also dependent on the temperatures of the area in which the seed is placed. Very high temperatures affect the seed quality by denaturing the proteins thus preventing it from growing in future. Alternatively, extremely cold temperatures reduce the seed quality by frosting it. The seeds thus require specific temperatures to maintain its quality depending on the seed type.

After taking the above measures to preserve the quality of the seeds, some people will still note that the quality of the seeds may still have deteriorated. Often this is as a result of storing diseased seeds. Seeds are also prone to getting diseased thus before storage, it is important to ensure that the seeds are checked for any infections to ensure that they are healthy for storage.

Seeds can be seen as the source of life today as all the products we eat have an origin in plants thus they are a valuable commodity in life. The proper maintenance of seed quality is essential for ensuring that the quality of the seeds is maintained to ensure a continued supply of food for the whole world population.

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