Saturday, July 8, 2017

When You Need A Resume Update With A Trusted Career Counselor In San Francisco Bay Area

By Elinor Fowle

One of the most important parts of searching for a job is making sure that your resume is up to date. More often than not, people fail to add in new certifications and work experience that might make them superior to the competition. Given that your resume is the very first thing that prospective employers will see, take the steps that follow for a truly effective resume update.

Begin by making a list of your recent accomplishments that you can bring with you to your appointment with a career counselor. Try to avoid overlooking things that you may not think are important such as how much you increased sales in your department last quarter since these area often what catches a potential employer's eye. During your meeting, your career counselor will also ask you questions to help jog your memory. Always answer these honestly so that your resume reflects your true abilities.

You will also need to eliminate any out of date info or wording. This is done to ensure that the document is showcasing experience and skills that are currently relevant to your desired field.

For instance, you can usually drop that high school fast food job from your resume once you have post-collegiate experience. Alternatively, you may want to remove a lower level of educational background once you have something more impressive to add. This has the effect of shortening your resume so that only the parts you want to stand out are noticed.

For some people, having multiple resumes is good for applying to a variety of different industries. Customizing your resume to suit a specific position is another effective strategy for ensuring that this is not overlooked by either humans or search systems that are entirely computerized.

Professional career counselors are therefore committed to helping their clients revise their resumes until these documents are perfectly polished and capable of making the right impressions. Begin building an impressive resume now so that you can start attracting future employers and opportunities.

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