Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A San Francisco Bay Area Career Counselor Focuses On Proven Results

By Emilia Kibbe

To get a great job, you need a great resume and a work focus. A San Francisco Bay Area Career counselor can help you accomplish this using several methods.

Sometimes people find themselves in a rut, especially when it comes to work. If this is happening to you, it may be a good idea to figure out why. You may have an inadequate resume, so when you go to look for new work, you don't stand out compared to other candidates. You should ensure your resume has the right keywords and layout so that prospective employers will find you and hopefully hire you.

Beyond that, better interview techniques, how to effectively ask for a promotion, etc, can all help you move forward. Or, in extreme cases, you might realize your rut stems from not being in the right industry or profession in the first place. Realigning your job with your passions, work style and personality can make a huge difference to your future, and help you find a job you enjoy rather than tolerate. For new graduates, working out where you fit in is a complicated process that also often benefits from counseling.

Your coach or counselor wants to get your results. That is why they tailor their plan of attack to your individual needs instead of using a stagnant system.

If you are not in the right field, then it helps to hire someone who is used to working with people in a wide variety of fields. If you are currently in sales but want to switch to accounting, then your counselor should be able to handle both. If they can, then you can ensure that he or she will map out something that will get your the results you want.

If you are in a career rut, or just starting out, consider finding proven counselors who knows how to get results for other people like you.

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