Friday, April 7, 2017

You May Need To Spend Some Time Creating A Safety Plan Atlanta Authorities Recommend

By Eric Brown

There are many things that are dangerous in this world. The streets, themselves can be dangerous as people do not care about courtesy or your rights to be on them. There are, sometimes, dangers within your own home if a domestic abuse situation exists. Your ability to keep yourself and your family safe depend on creating a safety plan Atlanta residents do to provide for their own safety.

You will able to find several organizations in Atlanta Georgia that can help you prepare for this situation. Time is not on your side when deciding about things to keep you and your family safe. This is something to take a good look at immediately. This could be a private security company and it, of course, should include the police. Having a policeman or women as a friend will help immensely.

There are many things you can do, right now, without any costs, such as an escape room, which can be something to consider, given a larger budget. Taking a look at a list of things you can do will help you think about what is really going on in your world. One of those things is to establish a code word for all people in your home.

A secret code word, given to everyone, will assist in letting everyone know when something dangerous is going on. All of the children need to have this word memorized. Whenever this word is spoken or transmitted by text, it is the signal to leave wherever they are and meet at a specially selected point of rallying.

Any plan that keeps you safe will have a place to relocate should there be a problem. This should be something that is open around the clock as dangers do not wait until you are ready. It could be a firehouse or police station. It must be something that can conceal you and your family as well as keep you dry, and warm enough.

Something that should be done, before doing anything else is to change all of the locks on your house. This helps prevent dangers from getting in and, if the dangers, such as domestic abuse is the issue, ensure every room you find yourself in has multiple exits. Removing dangerous items that can be used as weapons will also have to occur.

Especially in the event of a domestic issue, separate back accounts should be kept. A separately secured box with plenty pf cash and important papers should be left with a friend. Another one should be secured somewhere else in case your friend is not home for some reason. Everyone in the house needs to know the best way at of the house and/or the best way from most locations back home, depending on the danger.

In Atlanta Georgia, collect and keep phone numbers for police and other emergency services. Locate those agencies that will take people in who are faced with a danger outside. This includes the Red Cross, as well as any company who has helped you do the important planning necessary to get and stay safe.

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